• Sonic Wallet

    Sonic Wallet is a live demo of Sonic Code. This is a demo application that we built to showcase some use cases of Sonic Code. Download the demo app today and experience what Sonic Code can offer you!

  • Sonic Wallet


    How to proceed with the demo:


    1) Download the Sonic Wallet app on Google play and log in

    2) Click the tab you wish to try on the top of this website [Login, Online Payment, Offline Payment]

    3) Follow the instructions on each page

  • Purpose of live demo

    Try the amazing user experience of Sonic Code in advance

    This live demo allows you to experience how Sonic Code can change mobile services. Experience the simple features through our website and the demo app. You can preview the amazing user experience by applying Sonic Code to your mobile service.

  • Features of live demo

    Online Log in

    You can log in without ID/PW. It is a two-channel authentication will only be accessible to your registered smartphone.

    Online Payment

    You can make payments conveniently when shopping online with your PC or laptop. Shopping is done on the webpage and payment is done on your smartphone. It is safe and convenient because you do not need to enter any payment information on the webpage.

    Offline Payment


    All host terminals with speakers are available for payment.

    Solve the cost problem of building infrastructure for mobile payments in offline.

  • Sonic Code

    Transfer encrypted data through inaudible sound. It's simple yet secure.

    • Near-field wireless communication technology using speaker and microphone
    • Applicable to various host terminals with speakers and to all kinds of smartphones
    • Data transmission technology using encrypted, inaudible audio patterns
    • Does not require additional equipment installation

    • Provides client specified solution which can easily be integrated into its existing service/product

    • Useful tool for mobile payment and authentication services which can be a trigger technology to replace BLE


    • Speed:  less than 0.2 seconds
    • Range: 10 - 30 cm (adjustable)
    • Concurrent Available Code :  about 281 trillion
    • Error Detection Rate :  99.999994%
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