• Hello & Welcome!

    Sonic Wallet is a mobile wallet application service which is based on the Stellar network. What's unique about Sonic Wallet is that it uses exclusive sound waves to transmit data across wallets. And we call each sound wave a "Sonic Code"--proximity data communication technology. 

  • Use Cases

    Here are the main features of Sonic Wallet. You can also try out with our demo apps!

    #1 Mobile POS

    Payment in-store with Sonic Wallet, which is connected to work on the Stellar network. No more scanning QR codes, it's that simple.

    #2 Online Shop Payment

    Sonic Wallet is your master key to all payments. Use Sonic Wallet to authenticate user information and to pay items online.

    #3 Peer-to-Peer Payment

    Sonic Wallet also provides peer-to-peer payment service. Simply bring your phones together and connect with each other and pay over sound.

    #4 QR Code Payment

    QR codes are not a problem! Use Sonic Wallet to scan QR codes for payments.